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1. The complaint of the obligee of infringing intellectual property goods shall be settled by the obligee and the merchant in accordance with the requirements of the rules, laws and regulations. The company will make a judgment according to the result of the party’s self admission or the judicial document such as judgment passed by the people’s court at all levels or the administrative document such as administrative punishment passed by the industrial and commercial, copyright, patent, customs and other administrative organs .

2. In addition to the intellectual property right owner’s complaints, the company will take manual intervention to judge other counterfeit goods. From the perspective of ordinary people, according to the requirements of national laws and regulations and industry standards, and based on the reasonable and fair judgment standards, the company will comprehensively evaluate the complaint materials submitted by consumers, right owners, administrative departments, etc. and the defense materials of businesses.

3. The company adopts platform big data technology to investigate the suspected counterfeit goods and accounts from account number, commodity, transaction, logistics and other dimensions. The company will further verify and determine the commodities suspected of selling counterfeit goods according to the judgment of manual intervention.

4. If the company judges that the complaint or compensation application is initiated by abusing the fake handling rules, the complainants and the complainees shall settle the dispute by themselves, and the company will not compulsorily support the compensation / refund / return. The company has been committed to creating a real and healthy shopping environment for consumers, and the company’s platform prohibits all sales of fake goods. In case of illegal promotion and release of counterfeit goods, the company will, according to the seriousness of the case, take measures to remove the fake goods from the shelves, delete the goods, restrict the purchase of new products, reduce the right of the shop, restrict the withdrawal of cash, deduct the deposit, supervise the shop, and clear away the fake goods.

The circumstances are particularly serious:

a) the seller is investigated or may be investigated for criminal responsibility after being identified by the judicial and administrative organs;

b) the seller’s sale of counterfeit goods causes serious personal injury or property loss; or produces serious negative public opinion;

c) the seller sells counterfeit goods in large quantities or in the whole store;

d) other situations identified as particularly serious by the company.

2. If the circumstances are serious,

a) personal injury or property loss caused by the sale of counterfeit goods; or negative public opinion;

b) other circumstances deemed serious by the company.

三. The performance of the above-mentioned compensation obligations does not exempt the businesses from the liability of compensation in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state. If the compensation standard stipulated by the relevant national laws and regulations is higher than the compensation standard stipulated by the platform rules, consumers can continue to recover the insufficient compensation from the merchants through legal channels.

5. If the treatment measures coincide with other specific market management rules of the company, the more stringent treatment measures shall prevail.