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Introduction to R & D Center

The R & D center introduced the IATF16949 management system in 2005, passed the municipal R & D center in 2016, and successively passed the laboratory accreditation of major auto OEMs since 2008.

The sound organization and advanced test equipment and technology effectively ensure that Renchi has complete test capabilities in the field of pulleys and gearbox accessories

Zhejiang Renchi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

R & D capabilities

With the ability to design and manufacture pulleys
Has entered the global automotive synchronous R & D system of well-known international and domestic automobile manufacturing companies respectively
Synchronous development with domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers
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Exclusive metal plastic processing technology. In 1994, we independently developed spinning equipment and its technology to master the entire set of spinning technology.

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All product molds are designed and manufactured by themselves, and have accumulated a wealth of five process technologies of stamping, machining, welding, spinning, and painting.

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There are 25 engineering technicians in the company, 15 of them are engaged in development work.

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Finite element stress analysis, using the computer's three-dimensional design software I-DEAS to perform stress analysis on the designed products.

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Use computer two-dimensional design software for product development and design.

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Provide Pro / E or UG three-dimensional design drawings according to customer needs.